The Brand New Bone Collector Bow Case Is Here

Features of the New Bone Collector Bow and Crossbow Case

Whether you like to like to shoot bows for target practice or bring them out bow hunting, there’s no doubt that lots of bow practice will help you refine your skills and get better over time. But practice means a lot of repetition, either in your backyard, at an archery range, or at a 3D target course. And you can’t just let your bow float around in the back of your truck while you’re transporting it. You need a high quality bow case to keep you and your bow protected. This new Bone Collector bow case and crossbow case are exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Best Bow Case

The new Bone Collector Gravity Bow Case has a lot of features you should be excited about. When most people think about the ultimate protection for their bows, they think about hard sided bow cases, and they wouldn’t be wrong about that. Although this one is a soft bow case, it’s more than capable of keeping your bow protected. It’s lined with polar fleece, has a deep compartment, and has velcro straps to keep your bow secure and padded against inadvertent bumps and falls.

The bow case measures 41 inches long by 18 inches wide to accommodate almost any compound bow, and is held together by a heavy duty zipper. It is easy to carry because of the multiple daisy chain loops, adjustable shoulder strap, and strong metal carabiners, plus a handle to carry it by hand. Regardless of how tall or short you are, you’ll be able to adjust this bow case to fit your stature.

The outside appearance is dominated by the amazing-looking Realtree EDGE® pattern, making it the perfect extension to your bow hunting gear. On the front side, there is a large flap with zippered pockets to store all your various bow hunting accessories (e.g., releases, broadheads, field tips, tools, etc.). It’s nice to separate these items so you don’t have to dig through a jumbled mess each time you head out to the tree stand. There is also a large zippered pocket to hold your quiver or arrow case separate from your bow. You get all of these features for a retail price of $79.99, which is a great deal for one of the best bow cases you can find.

Best Crossbow Case

The Bone Collector Compact Crossbow Case has many of the same features as the compound bow case, making it a great option if you shoot a crossbow with any regularity.

It’s made to fit most modern crossbows, measuring 42 inches in length and 26 inches in width. It also has the same great protective features, including the fleece lining, securing straps, and heavy duty zipper. These all help make it the best soft bow case for crossbows.

It has a large zippered compartment on top to keep your arrow quiver separate from your crossbow, and a smaller zippered compartment for accessories near the back end. If you ever need to travel with your crossbow, this padded soft bow case will keep everything safe. And for a retail price of only $59.99, it’s a fantastic deal.

If you happen to be looking for a new bow travel case, or just want somewhere to keep your bows protected while storing them in your house, these cases have a lot going for them. Check them out at the links above.


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