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Turkey Hunting Success | Kill More Gobblers Using Decoys

Turkey Hunting Using Decoys | Time to Get a New Decoy?

You’re starting to break out the turkey gear, finally! Turkey hunting is here  Bone and Beard Collectors! You start with your blind, your pack, the calls, the camo, and ahhh yes, the old trusty decoy! You know your success depends upon the combination of your bedroom talk with your favorite Freak Nasty call and this decoy.

This old “struttin tom” you just blew the dust off has been through thick and thin with you. He has been stuffed in the pack and dragged through briars, fences, creeks, and lord knows what else. The once bright shimmer of his plastic feathers are now dull, lifeless, now bleached out by the sun and replaced with a dust that seems to never come off. The blues, whites, and reds of his once magnificent head are now chipped away, and what’s that? Yep…you just picked out some No. 6 from his neck from that time you pulled the trigger a little too late. This should be the point to say… “Yeah, it’s time to retire old struttin tom”.  You look up to see the fans and beards on the wall, mostly from using this decoy, and know it sure is a sad day for retirement.

Turkey hunting gobblers with decoys is proven and without a decoy in your neck of the woods it is impossible. You need something to stand out, pull them in close. Something like the Funky Chicken is just ugly and weird enough to do the trick. Using a decoy like this with some nasty calling is a proven tactic. When your preparing for thunder chickens this year do yourself a favor, relieve old, beat up, decrepit, tom of his duties. It’s time for a new decoy!


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