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Fall Turkey Hunting V.S. Spring Turkey Hunting

Fall seems more appropriate for a turkey on the table right? But it’s hard to beat thunder and feathers coming your way on a nice spring day. Some would beg to argue at that. The fall techniques to turkey hunting can get the ticker going just as much as that thundering tom.

The two most common fall turkey hunting techniques are worthy of trying and going out if you have never hunted turkeys in fall before. They are the scatter and call technique and the very spring similar roost-call technique. There are some big differences from the spring however. Turkeys tend to flock up this time of year which means a lot of eyes to beat instead of one or two. Hens also tend to be more vocal.

The first turkey hunting technique seems at first a little foolish but can make for one of the most heart pumping hunts you’ve ever witnessed. Finding a flock of birds, you approach them cautiously getting close in range. Try and scare them all up at once scattering the flock in all directions. Wait a few minutes then move into what you determine is the center of the scatter and start soft calling. Turkeys will soon out of every direction and in close for a shot.

The second fall turkey technique follows closely with the spring technique. Finding roosted birds, moving within 100 yards or so early in the morning. Mimic every call and yelp you hear till they fly down and work into you. If they head off in the other direction, be in that direction the following morning. Fall birds tend to work to food sources on the same path most days.

Fall turkey hunting can be just as successful and exciting as the spring season. However, the same target, a giant, delicious bird, has a much more significance this time of year.

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