Upgrading Your Spring Turkey Hunting Clothing and Camo

The New 2019 Ol’ Tom Turkey Hunting Clothing

Turkey hunting camo clothing deserves attention well before the spring gobbler season kicks off. With concealment being more important than most other game species you hunt, your turkey hunting clothing has to be upgraded from time to time.

Head-to-toe concealment is obvious for any seasoned turkey hunter. Deciding what to wear turkey hunting is much more than throwing on any old camo shirt and pants you have laying around. In fact, evaluating it needs to become one of your items on your preseason turkey hunting checklist. Worn out, faded clothing that doesn’t function well in the field is not going to cut it when it comes to chasing big gobblers in the spring. Upgrade your turkey hunting clothing and camo now so you are not scrambling days before the season.

What to Wear Turkey Hunting

There are a number of components that complete the turkey hunting outfit. These include boots, pants, shirts, facemask, gloves and turkey hunting vest. We are going to focus on the shirt, pants, facemask, and gloves because the boots and vest are worthy of a separate conversation. To start, here are three characteristics to generally look for in turkey hunting clothing.

  • Lightweight Construction – Bulky built turkey hunting camo clothing is going to slow you down and be uncomfortable whether you are in the blind or on the ground hunting spring gobblers. 
  • Breathable – The latter part of the turkey hunting season is going to be hot. Having clothing designed to allow air to circulate is a huge bonus hunting birds in hot weather. It also plays a big factor in being able to run and gun turkeys without getting exhausted in trying to close the deal. 
  • Flexible – Stretch-ability plays a factor in allowing you to reposition on an approaching bird without making noise and minimizing your movement. 

Pants that Perform in Front of Gobblers

Traditional cotton BDU pants no longer cut it. The new standard in pants for spring turkey hunting are technical pants that are lightweight, breathable and built to move unrestricted. Ol’ Tom® turkey pants have all these characteristics. They also have additional features such as reinforced critical areas like the knees, butt, and ankles so they hold up running and gunning in any terrain.

Innovative Shirts for All Day Sits

The one constant with spring turkey hunting is you have to adapt each day in the woods. You are either adapting to the conditions or adapting to a shy bird. Regardless your turkey hunting clothing has to hold up.

Nothing is more versatile than a ¼ zip shirt. This shirt style can come in insulated or non-insulated variations, be layered in cool mornings or worn alone. It is an all-around style that is highly adaptable to all types of turkey hunts.

A shirt worth adding to your turkey hunting clothing for this spring is the Ol’ Tom® tech ¼ zip with spine pad. This shirt has just the right blend of warmth and comfort packed in a lightweight, four-way stretch fabric. In addition, the innovative spine pad adds cushion down the middle of your back. No longer will you be uncomfortable sitting all day waiting out tough Toms.

If you’re looking for a different turkey hunting shirt try the Mesh Back Flyweight Shirt. It is one of Ol’ Tom’s lightest and most breathable turkey hunting shirts available. This shirt will help you combat the warm thick air of spring turkey hunts and also has UPF 50+ sun protection for those blue bird days.

Upgrading Your Head and Hand Coverage

Your head and hands are guilty of more busted birds than anything else. They need to be concealed but having the wrong facemask and gloves will certainly not help.

The most important characteristic of a facemask is breathability. A tight fitting performance full face mask that does not breath will be unbearable in spring gobbler season. Upgrade to a full face mask that has some spandex in the material for ease of fit and is designed to be moisture wicking.

Turkey hunting clothing would not be complete without quality, performance camo gloves. There are many different styles of gloves out there for turkey hunting. Some are thin enough for the precise pull of a trigger or bow release, while others can be insulated and thicker for hunting turkeys on cold early season days. For increase control when shotgun hunting, one tip when it comes to gloves is to carry two pairs. One light insulated pair for the first hours of daylight and one thin, uninsulated. That way you can stay warm but functional in mornings and switch to a thinner glove as temperatures increase to allow more control and feeling when the time comes to shoot.

Best Camo for Spring Turkey Hunting

The best camo for hunting spring gobblers is one that matches your surroundings. The eye of the wild turkey is one of the best of any game species. They can see color to an extent and also have exceptional peripheral vision. Indeed, the wrong camo pattern in certain situations is one of the five turkey hunting tactics that will get you busted.

Just as your clothing is going to have to change as the season progresses from early to late season turkey hunting, so should your camo patterns. The first week or two of turkey hunting season will require dominate browns and grays in your camo. As the woods and fields begin their spring awaking, more greens in your camo will be important for concealment. The best camo for spring turkey hunting are patterns that adapt well throughout the season as conditions change and are able to conceal in multiple areas.

Unsure what is the best turkey hunting camo for your area? Try the Realtree® Camo Guide. It helps you pick the right camo for the right situation depending on what species you are hunting.

Two of the best turkey hunting camo patterns are the Realtree® EDGE™ and Realtree® Timber™ camo patterns. The EDGE™ camo is the newest pattern from Realtree®. From a turkey hunting clothing perspective, EDGE™ is a camo that works from opening day to the last day of the season. This camo pattern adapts to many different environments and has exceptional concealment at close range. This means you can get clothing in one pattern that is perfect for the whole season. Realtree® Timber™ is another pattern that is specifically designed for bottomlands and swamps where big southern birds can be found. It blends perfectly in mature bottomlands or for ground setups amongst large hardwoods.

In conclusion, remember that new turkey hunting gear is not all calls and decoys. Make your turkey hunting clothing a priority as you begin to prepare for spring gobbler. Upgrade your existing clothing and explore new camo patterns now in order to stay one step ahead this turkey hunting season.

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