Utilizing Your Scent Crusher® Gear Bag to Tame Offseason Odors

5 Offseason Uses for Your Scent Crusher® Gear Bag

Scent kills! Talk to any bow hunter and they will tell you scent ruins more chances at trophy whitetails than any other bow hunting mistake. The gold standard in scent control has always been odor neutralizing soaps for showering and washing clothes, scent control clothing and scent busting sprays to tackle all your other gear. All too often, scent control in the off season is neglected. No longer, however, as the Scent Crusher® gear bag has you covered.

Scent Crusher® products use ozone to neutralize odors of all kinds. Its technology is changing the scent control game and making hunters as odor free as possible, which provides a significant edge. The twist is the Scent Crusher® bag has many other uses than just killing the scent on your hunting clothes.

How the Scent Crusher® Bag Works

The Scent Crusher® gear bag, as well as other Scent Crusher® products, uses a technology that harnesses ozone, a naturally occurring gas, to attack bacteria. Odors are caused by bacteria and their action creates stink as a byproductOzone’s unique molecular composition of three oxygen molecules is what makes it an effective attacker against odor. The third oxygen molecule is somewhat unstable and this unstable molecule attacks bacteria cells that ultimately neutralizes odor. 

This duffle style bag utilizes the Scent Crusher® ozone generator to produce ozone inside the bag. The maintenancefree generator effectively passes ozone over all the contents inside the bag, which removes all associated scent. It can be plugged into a standard receptacle or into a 12V adaptor such as in your truck. The biggest benefit of the Scent Crusher® gear bag is its versatility in removing the stink of anything that will fit into it. It is particularly effective at neutralizing odor on gear that may otherwise be difficult to deodorize. Simply fill the bag in the off season and turn it on to have scent free gear. 

5 Offseason Uses for Your Scent Crusher® Gear Bag

Scent Crusher® products offer a huge benefit to hunters. Although, many rarely think about how those same benefits can be realized during the off season. There are several uses of the Scent Crusher® bag that non-hunters can take advantage of for odor laced gear. 

  1. Sports –Whether you are hard at work on the job, on the field or court, or hitting the gym after work, you likely have stinky clothes. If you’re a parent, youth sport odors can take its toll on a vehicle between home and a game. Tossing these clothes in a basic duffle or throwing them in the back seat makes for an unpleasant outcome. Utilize the Scent Crusher® bag to destroy odor and cleanse athletic and work clothing to keep them fresh.
  2. Camping–Summer camping is filled with fun but also brings with it damp, humid weather. Bacteria thrive in moisture and summer heat. It will attack camping gear such as tents, sleeping bags, and pads. Toss them in the Scent Crusher® gear bag after a weekend camping trip to freshen them up before storing. The bag is also great for removing campfire smoke from clothing and camping gear when a washer and dryer are not available.  
  3. Travel–The off season is usually busy with plenty of vacation time. Simply remove the ozone unit from the bag and you have a larger duffle bag. This bag is perfect for a beach bag, vacation gear bag, or even a bag fit for the airport.
  4. Preseason–Preseason scouting typically involves tree stand maintenance and time in the woods. If you can’t find your scent elimination bottle around Scent Crusher® products like the gear bag will deodorize items like binocular harnesses, and hunting vests. Clothing for scouting, filling deer feeders, also can be treated with the bag, which keeps prospective fall hunting areas clear of scent all the way up to opening day.
  5. Storage– The gear bag, besides the above uses,makes for great off season clothing and gear storage bag. It not only deodorizes any gear or clothing you put in it, but can keep that clothing fresh for however long it is in the bag. 

Off season odors abound in your hunting gear and your everyday outdoor adventures. However, neutralizing the stink is easy with the Scent Crusher® gear bagIt can tackle and become your ideal tool for camping gear, travel, general storage, pre-season scent control, sports, and of course archery accessories and preseason hunting gear during the season. The bag makes a smart and sensible buy for the everyday outdoorsmen, one that could definitely use a bag that deodorizes gear even in the off season.

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