2 Venison Burger Recipes You Have to Try This Summer

Extend Your Hunt with Wild Game Burgers this Summer


It’s Grilling Season

Hunting is a lifestyle, an avenue to enjoy the outdoors, to put yourself to the test, and to provide wholesome food for the table. Hunters pour their heart and soul into opportunities in the field, cherishing tradition, new experiences, and fellowship. Sometimes, however, hunting season seems so far off, a lifetime away even. When the days grow longer, the temperature rises and hunting season is still on the far off horizon, it’s the perfect time to enjoy and share the fruits of hunts gone by on the grill.

Summertime means grilling season! Whether you choose the convenience of a propane grill, the tradition of charcoal briquettes, or the smoky flavor of a pellet cooker; summertime meals are best from the grill. For whitetail hunters, grilling season is the perfect opportunity to savor and share last seasons deer meat. Nothing says summer like a delectable burger hot off the grill, construct that burger with perfectly seasoned ground venison and it’s an amazing way to extend your deer season into the summer.

Deer Burger Recipes for the Grill

Wild game meat brings the hunt to the table, and it is the absolutely perfect way to share your hunt with friends and family. Properly cared for in the field, and prepared, venison meat is a true delicacy. Deer meat, however, is not beef or pork. Venison is much leaner than beef, and deer fat, in general, is not appetizing, with a waxy mouthfeel. Your perfect venison burger starts with attention to detail during the hunt. Venison that is properly cared for in the field will pay dividends at the table. Take the time to quickly cool your deer in the field, and trim away any connective tissue and silver skin before grinding. The lean nature of venison meat calls for a quality fat to be added in, especially when you’re looking for a juicy burger on the grill. There are several options when it comes to adding and blending in fat to your grind including ground beef and ground pork, for a little extra smokiness you can even try bacon. The choice is really up to you, just remember to keep everything cold when you are grinding.

Mac Daddy Deer Burgers

If you’re looking for a traditional burger recipe with plenty of that fresh off the grill flavor for a summertime picnic, tailgating, or a satisfying lunch; look no further than the Mac Daddy Deer Burger recipe.

This traditional burger is just right dressed with any number of sauces from savory to sweet, lettuce, pickles, onions, and tomatoes. Add a slice of sharp cheddar just before you take it off the heat for a real treat.

Mac Daddy Burger Ingredients –

  • 1 pound of ground venison
  • 1 large egg (to help hold it all together)
  • 1 Tbsp of seasoned bread crumbs
  • 2 tsp Mac Daddy All Purpose Seasoning by Bone Collector
  • ½ tsp Worcestershire Sauce

Keeping ingredients as cold as possible, mix the ground meat, egg, bread crumbs, and seasonings thoroughly. For best results put the whole thing back into the fridge for a good chill before grilling.

Mac Mama Caliente Deer Burgers

Maybe you’re in the mood for something with a little more kick, a burger recipe with some spice. Perfect for an evening at the lake, around a summer campsite, or for a switch when you are entertaining, this burger brings a little gusto. Adding a burger with some heat to your recipe collection is an amazing way to enjoy and share deer meat this summer on the grill.

The Mac Mama Caliente Burger recipe pairs perfectly with baked beans, chips, and queso, or a cool coleslaw. If you really want to heat things up, top with a slice of pepper jack cheese and a dose of spicy creme sauce.

Mac Mama Burger Ingredients –

  • 2 pounds of ground venison
  • 4 medium, ripe jalapeno peppers (cored, seeded, and diced)
  • 3 egg yolks (to help hold it all together)
  • 4 tsp Mac Mama Bone Collector seasoning
  • 2 Tbsp chopped fresh cilantro
  • 1 tsp of your favorite hot sauce

Bring all the ingredients together in a large bowl, folding in the cilantro and jalapeno. Thoroughly mix in the egg yolk, Mac Mama seasoning, and hot sauce. Store the seasoned ground venison back in the fridge or cooler to chill until you’re ready to put the burgers on the fire.


Grilling Venison Burgers

When you’re ready to grill, crank up the heat to 375 – 400 degrees on your grill of choice.

Divide your seasoned venison mixture into ¼ pound portions. To make those perfectly shaped patties, line the inside of a canning jar lid with plastic wrap and pack the seasoned meat in. Lift the plastic wrap out of the lid, and you’ve got perfectly shaped and seasoned patties ready for the grill!

Give your patties a quick spray or brush of canola, vegetable, or other cooking oil that will take the heat without burning; this will keep things from sticking to the grill. Cook your burgers over even heat, placing them on the grill for 2 or 3 minutes for a good sear. For best results, only flip your burgers only once, and for the love of everything delicious don’t smash those jewels down. You’re looking for 160 degrees internal temperature, an instant-read meat thermometer is handy to have here.

Plating Venison Hamburgers off the Grill

One of the best parts of a hot juicy burger is the bun and the toppings. Be sure to do your burgers justice with quality buns, buttered and toasted on the grill for a couple of minutes. When it’s time to add toppings some folks prefer the traditional ketchup, mustard, and pickles; but if you’re feeling adventurous try adding crispy bacon, avocado, fresh fried onions, or even a fried egg!

Final Thoughts

Deer season will be here before you know it. There are plenty of things to help you stay focused on whitetail food plots and off-season management programs to taking a kid fishing and sharing your love for the outdoors. The Mac Daddy and Mac Mama burger recipes are perfect for ground venison but will work with most any wild game meat. Don’t be afraid to season a package of ground elk, antelope, or even moose from your freezer. Be sure to enjoy the summertime, and the next time you fire up the grill, put on some wild game burgers!

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