Why You Should Use BaseMap Over Any Other Scouting App

The Scouting App That the Bone Collectors Trust

You’ve heard it before, but we’ll say it again. Scouting for any hunt is important. Dedicating time throughout the year for scouting your hunting area will teach you a lot about your property (private or public) and the game that use it. And in many cases, it will lead to better success rates in the fall. But if you really want to maximize your odds next hunting season and punch that tag, consider ditching the old notebook and try out a mobile scouting app on your phone instead. Here’s how this hunting app can help you out this summer and why the Bone Collectors have decided to officially partner with it!

How and Why Scouting Apps Help You

At some point in your hunting career, many of us have probably jotted down notes in a notebook while scouting for hunting, relying on vague phrases like, “good rub on logging trail” and poor sketches to help us figure out where to hunt next fall. That phase of scouting has long been out of style, and many of us have turned to aerial maps instead. Fortunately, this scouting app utilizes aerial maps and so much more to make your scouting trip all the more informative.

Hunting apps are able to use your smartphone’s GPS to pinpoint exactly where you are on an aerial map, which you can often confirm by looking at the landscape around you. But to really make the most of your scouting, you need a way to record your observations. Many apps have basic measuring tools, and the ability to mark waypoints at important items (such as scrapes, rubs, or beds) or map trails. In a single scouting trip, you can cover a lot of ground and map a lot of terrain.

When you get back home, you can step back a bit and look at the whole picture of what you mapped. You might be able to pick out a probable game movement pattern by connecting food sources to bedding areas or identify a mature buck’s bedroom. That’s when your scouting app becomes a gold mine for hunting success.

Bone Collector’s Choice for Scouting App

So what’s the best app for hunting and scouting, according to Bone Collector? Michael, Nick, and T-Bone would never recommend a product that they don’t fully endorse themselves, and that’s why they’ve chosen to partner with BaseMap™.

“I’ve tried so many scouting apps over the years, and BaseMap has become my go-to,” says Michael Waddell. “BaseMap is dependable, accurate, and has a full suite of tools, and a cool “SmartMarkers” feature, that really sets it apart. You can even use it if you have no service. Behind the scenes, the team at BaseMap wants to empower outdoorsmen and women to spend more time outside doing what they love, and that’s something we can stand behind!”

“The Bone Collector team has been an inspiration to many hunters to say the least. I remember watching Michael Waddell when Realtree Roadtrips first aired thinking ‘that’s the ultimate dream job.’, says BaseMap Founder and CEO Jeff Balch, “They have such a positive influence on the hunting industry and have inspired many hunters to pursue careers in the outdoors… me being one of them. I’m honored and thrilled they have chosen BaseMap as their go-to hunting app and excited for big things to come with the Bone Collector team”

Features of BaseMap App

BaseMap offers both a mobile and desktop mapping component, so you can use it on your phone in the field and analyze it on your computer back at home. It utilizes cutting edge technology like 3D maps and live location sharing to help you stay in touch with hunting partners or loved ones back at home. By creating and saving a map on your phone before you head afield, you can have full access to the layers you want even when there’s no cell service where you explore. There are dozens of markers to choose from in the app, including symbols for tree stands, trail cameras, wildlife, and much more, so you can easily sort through your observations. Beyond parcel boundaries, you also have access to hundreds of other activity-specific layers to add to your maps.

The scouting app offers a full arsenal of tools for you to use too. You can get access to all kinds of weather conditions (e.g., wind speed, temperature, barometric pressure, moon phase, sunrise/sunset times, etc.). Better yet, the BaseMap SmartMarkers feature automatically captures all of that information each time you leave a marker or map a trail. You can also take photos as you go and the app saves them on the map right at the location you took them. As you scout, you can even track and save your route so you know how many miles you hiked, your average speed, and how much elevation you gained – helpful information if you plan to return there.

While the Bone Collectors appreciate it for a hunting app, it could also be used for planning a hike, camping, or even fishing if you want. Nick Mundt commented, “The technology in the BaseMap app makes life in the field easier to navigate and allows us to take full advantage of the information at our fingertips.”

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